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Discussion in 'Where CHUM Plays' started by Heidi Ho, Oct 20, 2016.

  1. Heidi Ho

    Heidi Ho Grand Pooh Staff Member

    I love Cirque du Soleil and they'll be at Sam Houston Race Park from April 6 - April 30, 2017. I've never seen this show - it's called KURIOS.

    I'm going...and I'd love to have you come with me. I'll shoot for a weekend matinee and then go get something to eat and drink after....natch.

    If you're at all interested, let's pick a weekend date and make it happen. Everyone buys their own ticket. Even though we may not be all sitting together, we can still mingle before and after.

    The only weekend I am not free in April is 29-30th so let's pick another weekend and let's go!
  2. Ms KJenn Dives

    Ms KJenn Dives Tiger Shark

    Sounds fun. At this time, my only conflict is also the weekend of 4/29-4/30th.
  3. Heidi Ho

    Heidi Ho Grand Pooh Staff Member

    Anyone else want to come and play with me and the KJenns? We should probably get our tix ASAP.
  4. Heidi Ho

    Heidi Ho Grand Pooh Staff Member

    just bumping this up one last time.....let us know if you want to join us
  5. Heidi Ho

    Heidi Ho Grand Pooh Staff Member

    Well, I got some good news today from Cirque - they've added 3 more weeks to the show! Which is great since I hadn't bought my tickets.

    Now the show runs from April 6 to May 21.

    Let's all go together!
  6. PegLeg

    PegLeg Tiger Shark

    Never seen let me know what date and I'll try to get tickets.
  7. Heidi Ho

    Heidi Ho Grand Pooh Staff Member

    will do.....I've not seen this Cirque show but I've seen a ton of others.....they are all outstanding
  8. Heidi Ho

    Heidi Ho Grand Pooh Staff Member

    Just bought tickets for the Sunday matinee - 1:30 pm - on May 21. I figure we can go eat after. My sister in law will be here so I hope some CHUMMERS can join us. Should be great.
  9. watermonkee

    watermonkee CHUM Secretary Staff Member

    I'm coming with my oldest daughter, Ginger. Tickets purchased! Chances are, we're not sitting anywhere near others that are going (I bought not-the-best and not-the-worst), but we'll see you at whatever after-party we settle on.
  10. Heidi Ho

    Heidi Ho Grand Pooh Staff Member

    cool - we have plenty of time to figure it out and plenty of places nearby to choose from.
  11. Heidi Ho

    Heidi Ho Grand Pooh Staff Member

    PegLeg..Are you able to join us?
  12. watermonkee

    watermonkee CHUM Secretary Staff Member

    Getting closer (5/21)! There are still tickets left if anyone wants to join us!

    If anyone wants to mingle beforehand, the site opens at 12:45. The arena opens at 1:00. The show starts at 1:30.

    Any ideas about where to hang out afterwards?
  13. Heidi Ho

    Heidi Ho Grand Pooh Staff Member

    I know, I can't believe it's here. Vintage Park is at 249 & Louetta - I'm sure we can find something there. The only thing I can think of by the racepark is that Sam Houston restaurant but that's a steakhouse.

    There's still time to join us.
  14. Hawkeye Mark

    Hawkeye Mark Iowa Hawkeye Fan

    We just bought some tickets for the 1:30 show May 21. See you there
    watermonkee likes this.
  15. watermonkee

    watermonkee CHUM Secretary Staff Member

    Yay! Look forward to seeing you and Teresa!
    Ms KJenn Dives likes this.
  16. watermonkee

    watermonkee CHUM Secretary Staff Member

    I think Vintage Park is a great idea.
  17. PegLeg

    PegLeg Tiger Shark

    Bought my ticket. See you there.
  18. Heidi Ho

    Heidi Ho Grand Pooh Staff Member

    Yay - it will be fun for sure.
  19. Heidi Ho

    Heidi Ho Grand Pooh Staff Member

    We'll plan on getting there around 1 and meeting up after it's over. I have cells for PegLeg and watermonkee; Mark, do you have someone's phone number so we can coordinate meeting after?
  20. Heidi Ho

    Heidi Ho Grand Pooh Staff Member

    We're in our seats waiting for the magic to begin....

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