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Back from Bonaire, July 2016

Discussion in 'Member Trip Reports' started by AquaCat, Jul 19, 2016.

  1. AquaCat

    AquaCat Team Zissou Master Frogman

    I just returned from another incredible week of reef diving from Bonaire, a small Dutch island, located off the northwest coast of Venezuela and home of the healthiest coral reef in the Caribbean.

    United has a non-stop flight from Houston to the island. In the past, I've seen roundtrip fares ranging from $600 to $660. This year, I was able to snag a summer getaway rate for $450. This was the third time that I stayed at Captain Don’s Habitat, an eco dive resort centrally located just north of Kralendijk, the island’s capital. A tip of the hat to Maduro Dive Fanta-Seas for helping with the car rental, diving, and lodging arrangements (including securing a free room upgrade and a better dive package than I was able to find online).

    It was a great week of diving where we encountered everything from frogfish, to seahorses, to a school of squid. Here are a few photos from the trip, ranging from macro to ultra-wide. Enjoy.


  2. Diver_T

    Diver_T Tiger Shark

    Oh Bonaire is the best!! Thanks for the info!

    The pictures are really nice!! How are they so nice?? LOL It is a beautiful place but those pictures are amazing. Thanks for sharing.
  3. AquaCat

    AquaCat Team Zissou Master Frogman

    Thanks, Diver_T - glad that you like the photos!

    There's nothing special about the camera — it's a three year old Sony pocket camera. I do use an external strobe to help reduce backscatter. The best advice I can give for getting good shots is just to know your gear backwards and forwards and practice as much as you can. I control everything (aperture, shutter speed, ISO, strobe power, strobe positioning) manually.

    GWNDWN Tiger Shark

    Nice shots. Looks like you got some pretty good Seahorse action. Nice spotted cleaner shrimp
  5. AquaCat

    AquaCat Team Zissou Master Frogman

    Gracias, G.
  6. Diver_T

    Diver_T Tiger Shark

    Did you dive in the park at all? It is hard to get to by land and seems like the boat dives don't always take you there either.
  7. AquaCat

    AquaCat Team Zissou Master Frogman

    Are you referring to Washington Slagbaai? If so, then no. It's at the far north side of the island. The juice didn't seem to be worth the squeeze. The farthest we got was Karpata (site #11) — it's one of my favorite dives there. If I were to go a fourth time, then I might check it out.
  8. McLOT

    McLOT Tiger Shark

    Great photos.

    Particularly good colors.
    And a few of these "critters" can be tough to find too.

  9. AquaCat

    AquaCat Team Zissou Master Frogman

    Thanks, McLot! I won't say whether a Captain Don's divemaster guided me to the seahorses. :D
  10. Dan

    Dan Tiger Shark

  11. Heidi Ho

    Heidi Ho Grand Pooh Staff Member

    Amazing pics, thanks for sharing!
  12. AquaCat

    AquaCat Team Zissou Master Frogman

    Thanks and welcome!
  13. AquaCat

    AquaCat Team Zissou Master Frogman

    Oh, that's a bummer. I've heard of tales of petty theft every time I have gone. As a general rule, I leave nothing in the truck and leave the doors unlocked.

    One evening after I returned, I was hanging with friends at Under the Volcano. They introduced me to a couple who had gone to Bonaire a few weeks before I did. She was very unhappy that the window to their car had been smashed, her Prada purse had been stolen and $350 had been taken from her husband's wallet. While I tried to be sympathetic, I couldnt help but wonder why on earth they had that stuff with them when they were shore diving all day.

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