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Booty for Bonaire – a chance to help

Discussion in 'CHUM Gives' started by Sushi Boy, Feb 19, 2014.

  1. Sushi Boy

    Sushi Boy DAM CHUMmer

    CHUM’s tradition of giving back is something that really sets us apart. We have another opportunity to help out a community in conjunction with our upcoming Bonaire trip.

    There’s an organization on the island called Jong Bonaire. One of the people who helps run the organization described what they do this way:
    We have an afterschool activity program in which teens each day can participate in almost 50 different activities which let them discover their talents and interests.
    The afternoon begins with homework with guidance from the staff and tutoring where needed.
    After homework, the fun begins: all kinds of (water-) sports, cooking, culture, personal care (manicure, hair care etc), music, environmental projects, photography & video, community service, computers with Internet access or just spending time talking with friends.

    We’ll be collecting supplies for them at our February and March meetings and then will bring the donations to the island with us.

    What do they need? Some of the first things they suggested are masks, fins & snorkels for their diving program. These don’t need to be new, expensive gear. If you have any gently used items laying around your house, those would be awesome. If you find something in the clearance bin at your LDS, that would be fantastic! They said the most-used fin sizes are 8-10, but smaller and larger will work great too. Other miscellaneous gear (weight belts, gear bags, save-a-dive kits, etc, etc, etc, would also be greatly appreciated).

    Another good item that they could use is backpacks. Again, nothing fancy, just inexpensive backpacks that a teenager could carry school stuff with.

    Finally, on Fridays they have games for the younger teenagers to compete in and give prizes from items they have on hand, so any low-cost items that would work well for a prize for them would also be appreciated. Get creative, but please remember that the program we’re supporting serves teenagers.

    If none of that floats your boat, but you’d still like to participate, cash donations can also be used. We’ve set up a PayPal subscription here. We may need some money for excess baggage fees to get the donations down there. Anything left over will be used to buy more items to donate.

    If you’re on the trip and have a little extra room in a bag to help us divvy up the donations for transit, please let me know.

    We’re excited about this opportunity to leave a little something behind on our vacation. Thanks in advance to everyone who pitches in! :cool:

    Last edited: Mar 20, 2014
  2. ReefHound

    ReefHound Divemaster

    I'm thinking some of my backup dive gear will be making a one way trip. Won't have to worry about baggage weight on the return.

    So if you're thinking it's time for a new reg or fins or such, maybe you can take your current gear for a final trip and come back a little lighter.

    I always make my stuff fit in one checked bag so I can check a second one for the cause. United charges $40, I believe.
  3. Heidi Ho

    Heidi Ho Grand Pooh Staff Member

    Did someone say shopping???? :p

    Love this idea and am happy to help tote booty.
    Last edited: Feb 24, 2014
  4. Sushi Boy

    Sushi Boy DAM CHUMmer

    I've found a few pieces of old gear laying around collecting dust that are going to make the donation pile. Has anybody else?
  5. Sushi Boy

    Sushi Boy DAM CHUMmer

    We'll be collecting items at our meeting next week. If you don't have any old equipment to donate, we can also accept cash, either at the meeting or via this PayPal link.
  6. Heidi Ho

    Heidi Ho Grand Pooh Staff Member

    I don't have any gear that I can donate but I can fork over some cash....and there's still time to shop for backpacks :)

    If you're out and about, you may want to swing by your LDS and see if they can contribute something they've got in their back room - you'll never know if you don't ask.
  7. Heidi Ho

    Heidi Ho Grand Pooh Staff Member

    I picked up some girly backpacks at WalMart yesterday - they were on sale for less than $5 each.
  8. Sushi Boy

    Sushi Boy DAM CHUMmer

    We'll be happy to take any donations - dive gear, backpacks, even cash - at this month's meeting!
  9. Heidi Ho

    Heidi Ho Grand Pooh Staff Member

    There's still time to make a quick run to a store to get something to donate or to pull something gently used and loved out of your gear stash....or we'll take cash :piratewithhat2:
  10. McLOT

    McLOT Tiger Shark

    I should be able to check a second bag (I did that for the previous Cabo trip).

  11. Sushi Boy

    Sushi Boy DAM CHUMmer

    When cleaning up after the meeting last night, we found a dive skin and snorkeling vest that had been left behind. If those were donations for the kids in Bonaire, thank you very much! :happyeyepatch: Those are perfect items for them.

    If they're not, please let me know, because otherwise they will be Bonaire bound very soon.
  12. Sushi Boy

    Sushi Boy DAM CHUMmer

    last call!

    We've had some nice donations coming in recently for the Bonaire youth group. Big thanks to everyone who has donated! We're going to have lots of stuff for the kiddos! :happyeyepatch:

    That said, there's always room for more. If anybody has anything to donate, please let me know as soon as possible so we can arrange to get it and make sure it gets to someone who can pack it to Bonaire. The trip will be here before we know it!
  13. jeffh

    jeffh <insert something funny here>

    I still have that BCD that I can donate since I couldn't make the meeting. Just need to get it to someone.
  14. Sushi Boy

    Sushi Boy DAM CHUMmer

    Awesome, thanks! I'll send you a PM to coordinate.
  15. watermonkee

    watermonkee CHUM Secretary Staff Member

    I've got some loot! I haven't made time to coordinate previously, but if it can fit, I'll bring it!. I have some new and used fins, a pair of boots, and other small items. If I can get it organized between work trip and fun trip (Fri., 4/4), I'll bring to the airport - PM me if it's doable!
  16. Sushi Boy

    Sushi Boy DAM CHUMmer

    Awesome! We can certainly use it, and if you can fit it in your checked bags, that would be the best possible solution.

    If it would put you over your weight/size limits and you can coordinate with someone else who has space available in their bags to meet them at the airport before they need to check in, that would work as well. It's a good problem to have, but with the donations we've been receiving, it looks like I'm going to be maxed out on my baggage.
  17. Heidi Ho

    Heidi Ho Grand Pooh Staff Member

    Thanks Texan Scuba

    I picked up a pile of shortys and some snorks and masks from Texan Scuba at BL on Saturday...I'll post a pic of the booty before it gets packed.
  18. LegoBloxs

    LegoBloxs Tiger Shark

    I have six pairs of fins and a couple of mask also from Texan Scuba, hope you guys have some big bags.
  19. Sushi Boy

    Sushi Boy DAM CHUMmer

    That's great news!

    I have quite a few masks, several fins, two BCs, a few wetsuits and diveskins, bags and backpacks and some other miscellaneous items that have been collected from several donors. It's enough stuff that I had a hard time getting it all in the photo. :happyeyepatch: The picture is in the Bonaire Gallery.
  20. K-Jenn Diver

    K-Jenn Diver Tiger Shark

    Yes, those were brought to the meeting for donation for the kids in Bonaire.


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