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Bring me your tired, old cell phones...

Discussion in 'CHUM Gives' started by Heidi Ho, Feb 14, 2008.

  1. Heidi Ho

    Heidi Ho Grand Pooh Staff Member

    Hi all,

    You may remember that a few weeks ago Sushi posted that he was looking to get rid of an old cell phone and I responded that I'd take it and donate it. He's bringing me his phone at the February meeting; I'd love to donate a big ol' box of phones instead of just his puny one. :p

    This is an open invitation (or should I say challenge???) for anyone and everyone to bring to the February meeting their old phones, chargers, batteries, etc. and I will happily take them to my Verizon store to be donated. Should you not make the meeting, please know that YOU can donate your own equipment at any Verizon store. Also, for the record, I will always take your phones at any time.

    The program is called HopeLine and here's a link to the info on Verizon's site: http://aboutus.vzw.com/communityservice/hopeLineRecycling.html
  2. Sushi Boy

    Sushi Boy DAM CHUMmer

    Who doesn't have old cell phones or accessories lying around that aren't being used?

    I know I've got a few things that I'll be happy to get rid of, and this is a great way to put it to good use, and see that it doesn't just end up in a landfill. :happyeyepatch2:

    Please bring your items to next week's meeting and give them to Heidi Ho.

  3. tank29

    tank29 New Member

    Does anyone know how to permanently clear the memory from a cell phone? I'd want that thing to be a clean slate before I donate it anywhere.
  4. Heidi Ho

    Heidi Ho Grand Pooh Staff Member

  5. tank29

    tank29 New Member

    Cool thanks!
  6. Skyjunky

    Skyjunky New Member

    I have a couple hundred I could probably donate.
  7. Heidi Ho

    Heidi Ho Grand Pooh Staff Member

    Bring 'em on, I can handle it ;)
  8. Pink Pirate

    Pink Pirate New Member

    Captain Randy got me a new phone for Valentine's day. I'll bring my old one to the meeting.
  9. outback

    outback New Member

    Think I have an old one, maybe two, somewhere....
  10. Sushi Boy

    Sushi Boy DAM CHUMmer

    Don't forget to bring your old cell phones this week... :cool:
  11. Heidi Ho

    Heidi Ho Grand Pooh Staff Member

    This week?!? Wait, I thought it was next week ;)

    So here's dealio - I'll be at Stag's on Thursday night with my box of old cell phones - where will your old cell phones be? :p
  12. Sushi Boy

    Sushi Boy DAM CHUMmer

    Eh? The meeting's tonight. Come on out, hear about the Maldives, get the low-down on elections, and BRING THOSE OLD CELL PHONES (and accessories) so Heidi Ho can drop them off where they'll either be put to good use or recycled properly.
  13. outback

    outback New Member

    I got one for you, maybe two if I can find it.
  14. Heidi Ho

    Heidi Ho Grand Pooh Staff Member


    Thanks to all who brought me phones; it's all good. A couple people mentioned that either they a) didn't want to donate til the phone info was cleared and/or b) they forgot to bring their phone to this meeting so I just want to remind everyone that a) there is a link in this thread about how to clear your phones and b) I will ALWAYS take an old cell phone and accessories from you.
  15. Heidi Ho

    Heidi Ho Grand Pooh Staff Member

    Petsmart and cell phones

    I was in Petsmart over the weekend and as I walked out the door, I noticed they had some info on cell phone recycling so I thought I'd share it with you guys.

    Petsmart has postage paid envelopes so you can simply drop your old phone into the envelope and mail it to them for recycling.

    The website has more info, including the phones they do not accept; in a nutshell, they don't want anything over 5 years old or anything that doesn't work. They also will not take any accessories. Here's the website:

    http://petsmartcharities.org/donate/toner-cartridge- recycling.php

    If you have phones that Petsmart won't take, remember that Verizon will take anything (there's a Verizon link in the first post in this thread) plus, I'll always take your old phones and accessories.
  16. Heidi Ho

    Heidi Ho Grand Pooh Staff Member

    Computer Recycling Event

    Hi everyone,

    There is a computer, printer, monitor and scanner recycling event coming up on Sat. April 18. They are also taking old cell phones. I'm not sure I'm allowed to post the flyer so for now, PM me if you want to participate and I can email it to you.

    On the other hand, if you have electronics you want to get rid of but can't go, I will happily load up my car with your old stuff. Just bring it to the next CHUM meeting on 4/16 and I'll make sure it gets to the event on the 18th.

    Any questions, send me a PM - but before you ask, Sushi, no, they will not take your used manikin :eek:
  17. Heidi Ho

    Heidi Ho Grand Pooh Staff Member


    Hi all,

    My schedule's changed and I won't be at the meeting tonight after all; if you were planning on bringing me something for the recycling event this weekend, PM me and I'll get it from you somehow.

    And as always, I'll take your old cell phones any time you want to bring them to me.

    Have a great meeting.
  18. Heidi Ho

    Heidi Ho Grand Pooh Staff Member

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