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CHUM cheers on Roller Derby

Discussion in 'Where CHUM Plays' started by DivingDoug, Jul 10, 2017.

  1. DivingDoug

    DivingDoug President Staff Member

    Imagine graceful, slender ice skaters performing a ballet to soft classical music, except instead of ice skating it's roller skating, instead of ballet it's more like a shoving match, instead of classical it's mostly rock, and instead of graceful, slender dancers it's awesome, tough as nails women.

    That, dear CHUMMERs is Roller Derby and I want you to join us to watch the Houston Roller Derby championship on August 26th.

    The details:
    New Date: Sept. 30th, 2017
    $15 a person for general seating (you're responsible for purchasing your tickets, and they're available now)
    Doors open at 6pm, the game starts at 7, and lasts about an hour and a half.
    Located at the Revention Music Center, 520 Texas Avenue
    You can't bring in outside food or drink but there's a concession stand inside that does sell booze.
    Parking next door for $10

    Afterwards we can head to one of the fine drinking establishments in the theater district, or one of the less-fine ones depending on who shows up ;)

    Who's in?
    Last edited: Sep 12, 2017
  2. Ms KJenn Dives

    Ms KJenn Dives veep Staff Member

    I'm in and K-Jenn Diver will be there if he's in town.
    DivingDoug likes this.
  3. Hawkeye Mark

    Hawkeye Mark Iowa Hawkeye Fan

    We will be out of town but CHUM did this a number of years ago. A group on the South side built a banked track that was set up inside the auto bays of an old Kmart at 146 and the Palmer Highway in Texas City. Was a lot of fun. I dont know if the couple I know are still involved with it anymore. Went to the adjoining bar afterwards. I think the one at Revention is flat track.
    Ms KJenn Dives and DivingDoug like this.
  4. Seaagg05

    Seaagg05 Tiger Shark

  5. Heidi Ho

    Heidi Ho Pooh Staff Member

    It's a ton of fun.....
  6. Ms KJenn Dives

    Ms KJenn Dives veep Staff Member

    Oops, KJenns are out of state that weekend, so we won't be able to cheer on roller derby. It should be a fun night.
  7. DivingDoug

    DivingDoug President Staff Member

    You will be missed. I'll have an extra drink for each of you ;)
    Ms KJenn Dives likes this.
  8. Heidi Ho

    Heidi Ho Pooh Staff Member

    For all you rollermaniacs, I just created a gallery here so you can post your pics. It's a fun time for sure...
    DivingDoug and Ms KJenn Dives like this.
  9. Seaagg05

    Seaagg05 Tiger Shark

    Anyone got a boat? Might need to boat-pool there
  10. DivingDoug

    DivingDoug President Staff Member

    Just found out roller derby is being postponed to Sept 30th. Apparently they're worried about someone named Harvey... strange :confused:
    Ms KJenn Dives likes this.
  11. Seaagg05

    Seaagg05 Tiger Shark

    Well that's too bad, what am I going to do this weekend? maybe I'll find this Harvey guy, he sounds like fun.
    DivingDoug and Sushi Boy like this.
  12. ReefHound

    ReefHound Divemaster

    This weekend there is surfer derby.
    Seaagg05 likes this.
  13. DivingDoug

    DivingDoug President Staff Member

    You don't find him... he finds you!
    Seaagg05 likes this.
  14. Seaagg05

    Seaagg05 Tiger Shark

    Looks like it will be fantastic weather for a walk to the bar afterwards if anyone is interested
  15. DivingDoug

    DivingDoug President Staff Member

    Definitely. I'm not allowed out much, so might as well take advantage of it.
    Seaagg05 likes this.
  16. DivingDoug

    DivingDoug President Staff Member

    Bump! Just like in roller derby
    Ms KJenn Dives likes this.
  17. DivingDoug

    DivingDoug President Staff Member

    We're heading in. If anyone else shows up, text me at 8323585062. Is going to be an awesome show :)
    Sushi Boy likes this.
  18. DivingDoug

    DivingDoug President Staff Member

    Heidi Ho and Ms KJenn Dives like this.
  19. DivingDoug

    DivingDoug President Staff Member

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