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CHUM Claims the Comal 2016 - Trip Report

Discussion in 'CHUM Trip Reports' started by Siren, Apr 2, 2017.

  1. Siren

    Siren Tiger Shark

    I am so happy to report that our 2017 CHUM Claims the Comal trip was a success - a shorter success, but a success. :)

    24% and I arrived at Landa RV Park on Thursday and got the motorhome situated in campsite 508. We got all the grocery shopping done for our Friday night cookout, and packed the truck with scuba gear for our Friday morning scheduled dive at Spring Lake.

    Upon returning to Landa RV Park on Friday after our dive, Giles (Volans), and his sweet 5 year old daughter, Genevieve, had arrived and were checking in. I was happy to see them arrive early, as they had time to enjoy the beautiful weather after setting up their tent. They went swimming for a while, and even kayak'd up the river to the waterfall, while Genevieve swam along side the kayak. Peter (PegLeg) was next to arrive, and in the midst of setting up his tent, decided a trip to Home Depot was necessary to buy a sledge hammer - all to get the stakes into the hard, rocky ground. Holly (Heidi Ho), Jen (wanderwoman), and Teresa (Diver_T) were the next to arrive. We started to get hungry, so Douglas (24%) fired up the grill, and we started our cookout. Hamburgers & hot dogs & brats with all the fixins, frito pie, macaroni & cheese, chips, potato salad, grapes, and lots of beer. Butch (Cajun Diver) as well as Dave (Big D) and Marva, all arrived and began setting up their tents. They joined us for dinner and our Circle'o'CHUM grew bigger. Nicole (sharkbaitoohaha) showed up once it got dark, but quickly got her tent set up. Todd (Reefhound) and Marci (watermonkee) were the last to arrive, around 9:30pm. Laura (Deep Bubbles) and her friend, Torie, had apparently arrived in New Braunfels earlier in they day, and decided to float the river. They were too tired to join us at the campground. Once everyone had arrived, I brought out our dessert surprise - a chocolate chip cookie cake with CHUM CLAIMS THE COMAL written in frosting. hehehe....I had so much fun making it. :) We ate the "Claims the Comal" half of the cake, and enjoyed a few more drinks, and laughs, before retiring for the night. It was a lovely evening to relax outside.

    Saturday morning, our gung-ho CHUM divers were geared up and ready to get in water by 9am. Laura and Torie arrived at the campground as the divers were getting in the water, so Todd was nice enough to help gear Laura up in no time. We had 7 divers (Todd, Marci, Jen, Butch, Peter, Nicole, and Laura) on the first dive, and Giles and Genevieve were swimming nearby. The shore support (Douglas, Teresa, Torie, and me) took pictures, and were responsible for picking the divers up in 30 minutes down at the exit right before the tube chute. It was a shorter dive plan, but the weather forecast was unpredictable. I believe they had a nice dive. I'll let them chime in.... We were pleasantly surprised when Ryan (GWNDWN) and Doug (DivingDoug) and his lovely wife, Danielle, and son Andre, showed up around 10am to do a dive. They geared up and did the same dive plan. Danielle met them at the exit, and brought them back to the campground.

    For those of us camping, Landa RV Park implemented a back up plan, which would have moved all of us to a different set of campsites, further away from the river. Looking at the updated forecast, which was predicting 20-25mph winds, large hail, and a possible tornado for early Sunday morning, everyone decided to break down camp, and accept a $20 credit to use at Landa for anytime the rest of this year. We decided that a group lunch at Pheonix Saloon was the perfect way to end the weekend. We gathered at the Phoenix Saloon around 12:30pm - there were 20 of us in total. One of our greatest turnouts in recent years! I brought along the rest of the cookie cake, and we devoured the remaining "CHUM" half at the restaurant.

    After hugs, and goodbyes, we all went our separate ways. For Douglas and me, that meant going back to the campground and retrieving our house and heading south. South south enough to get out of the projected storm area. We ended up at a little city park in Three Rivers, Texas, which was just far enough from today's storms - it didn't rain on us an inch.

    There is a gallery of our weekend HERE. Now I have to organize and upload my pictures. :) :) :)

    Thank you, sweet CHUMMERS, who made this weekend such a fun time. I was very unsure how it would turn out with the weather forecast, and you all made the time we had together perfect. I love our group of diving friends, and feel so fortunate to be able to still participate in this annual event. I want to especially thank Douglas, who is such a good sport, so supportive to me, and calming me as I worried about the weather. He was a champion at the grill, making perfectly cooked hamburgers and hot dogs - and did a phenomenal job. I get him roped into things, but he is the best. We missed Sushi Boy, our resident CHUM Claims the Comal Grill Master, since he wasn't on this trip, but Douglas didn't miss a beat. :) Thank you, everyone! CHUM Claims the Comal Group Photo 01.jpg
    Last edited: Apr 2, 2017
  2. wanderwoman

    wanderwoman Tiger Shark

    Siren - Thanks for organizing another great, if a bit abbreviated, weekend on the Comal. The company, food and diving were all excellent. I've posted two pix in the gallery. Unfortunately, the forum has turned a vertical shot into a horizontal shot and I cannot figure out how to flip it the way it belongs. Is there an editing function somewhere that I'm missing?
  3. Sushi Boy

    Sushi Boy DAM CHUMmer

    Click on Media Tools on the upper right of your image, you should find it there

    Ms KJenn Dives likes this.
  4. wanderwoman

    wanderwoman Tiger Shark

    Got it, and many thanks! That did the trick.
  5. Diver_T

    Diver_T Treasurer Staff Member

    Yes great trip. The cook out Friday night was a good idea. Thank you for another fun adventure on the Comal!
  6. watermonkee

    watermonkee CHUM Secretary Staff Member

    As always, thanks Siren for organizing! I realized that I hadn't actually dived the Comal just for fun. My schedule is unpredictable lately, so I decided to get my April DAM dive in while the opportunity was in front of me. It was so peaceful and fun. Like drift diving, except very shallow, a bit colder, and with crawfish, an ancient catfish, and tiny turtles!
    Siren and DivingDoug like this.

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