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DAM Chummers Keep On Diving

Discussion in 'Where CHUM Dives' started by DivingDoug, Jan 7, 2018.

  1. JSWeather4d

    JSWeather4d Tiger Shark

    June done at Blue Lagoon (Lagoon 1) where there was not thermocline and bathwater temperatures. Visibility was poor though.
    Seaagg05 likes this.
  2. LegoBloxs

    LegoBloxs Tiger Shark

    Birddog and myself got our cold water fix and June dives in the Arctic Ocean in with a few dives during our recent trip to Svalbard. Viz was mixed due to 'a little weather' but still plenty of critters hiding in the kelp.
  3. PegLeg

    PegLeg Tiger Shark

    Won't make it this year. Between cracking my sku'll and dental surgery, doctors say no diving till we say so.
  4. watermonkee

    watermonkee CHUM Secretary Staff Member

    Aww, dadgummit! Sorry, Pete!
  5. Siren

    Siren Tiger Shark

    Even though, technically, 24% did scuba dive to find my keys earlier this month off the boat dock, I made him do a proper dive with me today in Lake Charlevoix. We dove off of Depot Beach, a familiar site that we dove last year. Swam around the train cribbing a bunch of times, and played with the fishies. We dove wet today, instead of dry suits, which was a gamble, but it was the best decision. Water didn't get deep enough for the thermocline to kick in, so it was a comfortable 69 degrees. Dove for 47 minutes, 23'. Visibility was around 15', at worst. The winds changed direction bringing in lots of waves and stirring up the bottom, causing there to be more particulate than usual. When we were finished with the dive, our gearing up pavilion had been transformed into a wedding reception venue. Oops. We were slightly under dressed. :eek:
    Seaagg05, watermonkee and Sushi Boy like this.
  6. JSWeather4d

    JSWeather4d Tiger Shark

    July dives done at Windy Point.Temps are 110' are still around 58 degrees. Two other dives in shallower water (above the first thermocline at 37') were 83 degrees. The visibility was fantastic. Perhaps the best I've experienced at Travis. At lease 20' in most places. I didn't have to use a light this weekend even with dives to 91 and 110'.
    Seaagg05, watermonkee and Siren like this.
  7. watermonkee

    watermonkee CHUM Secretary Staff Member

    ReefHound and watermonkee did a few dives in Pensacola July 6-8.

    As we usually do, we drove all night. We got to Fort Pickens at high tide early Friday morning and did two great dives. Viz was about 15', and there were huge schools of fish everywhere. THE highlight: as we were heading to our safety stop on our 1st dive, light was totally obliterated from above very suddenly. In the space of seconds, we first thought there was a huge boat above us, looked up, and saw an enormous school of shiny bait fish swimming fast with all the fantastic murmurration we love to see. They were swimming so furiously, they hit me in the face and neck! Of course, we were too stunned to get our cameras up to get it on video. :(

    We also dived at Navarre Beach, where there are lots of "Christmas tree" artificial reef structures that always host plenty of sea life. Twice, we saw a big turtle with about 8 remora-type fish hitching a ride. We had good surf conditions and good visibility there.

    I'm sore from all the gear hauling across beach sand, but I'm convinced it cancels out the calories of all the delicious seafood we ate!
    Seaagg05 and ReefHound like this.
  8. Sushi Boy

    Sushi Boy DAM CHUMmer

    July done at Blue Lagoon. It was fantastic diving in just a swimsuit and t-shirt! Plus the water was 76% warmer than my last dive.
    Siren, Seaagg05 and Heidi Ho like this.
  9. wanderwoman

    wanderwoman Tiger Shark

    July done at Blue Lagoon. 88 F water, murky viz. Great group.
    Siren and Seaagg05 like this.
  10. LegoBloxs

    LegoBloxs Tiger Shark

    Sorry we missed CHUM on Saturday, Birddog and I were up on Sunday. Did an hour long dive in 2, viz wasn't great but workable.
    Seaagg05 likes this.

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