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Eau Canada

Discussion in 'CHUM Dive Trips and Events' started by DivingDoug, Mar 6, 2017.


    GWNDWN Tiger Shark

    Hey Doug...any updates on this? Should we be keeping an eye out on airfare? Just saw $424 on Air Alaska
  2. DivingDoug

    DivingDoug President Staff Member

    Thanks for reminding me, here's the message I got from them a few weeks ago:

    Hello All,
    Well, August first is here and we need to update you as promised.
    In regards to the letter below which was sent out early this spring …
    Thank you for all the letters of understanding that we have had since this letter was send out in May.
    First: Bill is having a knee replacement. His Doctor is scheduling him for Oct 2017 after the last charter. The date has not been set yet, as the Hospital/surgeons can only give us 3 weeks notice.
    Second: To date, we have interested buyers in God’s Pocket, and it is all hinging on a 30 year lease being in place.
    Last month we had a very positive meeting with Park’s Canada that gives us hope that we will have a new lease in place shortly. This information is very different than our previous meetings over the past 4 years.
    Third: With the information that BC Parks has given us, and interested buyers in the mix, we are going to extend our decision making regarding our 2018 bookings to no later than Nov 30th 2017 and continue with scheduled charters for 2017.
    We understand that the sooner you know, the better. However we do ask for your patience with this as we do not want to cancel any bookings prematurely.
    Warmest regards,
    Bill and Annie

    I think that sounds really promising, but I don't know if you want to book a flight just yet. (I might book a flight, but that's because I'll probably go even if the god's pocket trip falls through). As I get more info I'll definitely pass it along.
    Seaagg05 likes this.
  3. Sushi Boy

    Sushi Boy DAM CHUMmer

    Just reconfirming, you did say this trip is a go, right?

    Had some downtime at the office, so I thought I'd poke around and look at flights. This is what's looking most promising to me, using FF miles to book:
    Sat, Jun 23, 2018
    Departing 9:40 am Houston, TX, US (IAH - Intercontinental) Arriving 3:59 pm Victoria, BC, CA (YYJ)
    Number of stops1 Connection
    Duration8h 19m
    IAH to YVR FLIGHT UA 600
    3h 5m connection
    YVR to YYJ FLIGHT AC 8071

    Sun, Jul 01, 2018
    Departing 1:35 pm Victoria, BC, CA (YYJ) Arriving Mon, Jul 2 12:05 am Houston, TX, US (IAH - Intercontinental)
    Number of stops 1 Connection
    Duration8h 30m
    YYJ to SFO FLIGHT UA 5195
    2h 22m connection
    SFO to IAH FLIGHT UA 2058

    Anybody else had a chance to think about flights yet?
  4. DivingDoug

    DivingDoug President Staff Member

    Sorry, forgot to post the email I got right before our Xmas party:

    2018 UPDATE

    Hello Everyone,
    Our season has ended and God’s Pocket has been put to bed and staffed with wonderful caretakers for the winter months. The time has come to begin planning for the upcoming season.

    We would like to thank all of you for being so patient with us while we try to determine our future. During the 2017 season, there were so many uncertainties in our lives that we felt somewhat paralyzed in planning anything beyond the next week.
    Now that things are a little more concrete in our lives, it is time to fill you in as to what our 2018 season will look like.

    As you all know, God’s Pocket is for sale. We have secured a Park Use Permit until 2047 which now offers any new ownership security until then and likely well beyond.

    We are in conversation with a few different parties who are eager to purchase God’s Pocket. Although we are not free to discuss who, we assure you that we have chose competent and likeminded people who have very similar values and ethics to us. We are confident that they will roll in seamlessly to take over. If and when the sale is imminent, we will send out a note confirming.

    2018 CHARTERS:
    Our plan is to continue operating God’s Pocket to it’s potential until the sale is made. In the past we spoke about cancelling trips to accommodate what we need, however we have now decided to commit to all trips that are scheduled. We will be following up with all the group leaders in the next couple of weeks to secure their space with appropriate deposits.

    Warm Regards,
    Bill and Annie
  5. DivingDoug

    DivingDoug President Staff Member

    As for flights, I just got a google alert that flights just got cheaper :).

    The original plan of June 23rd to July 1st was just a suggestion, and I'm wondering if any of you want to go a day or two earlier or stay a day or two later. July 1st is Canada Day -like Independence day, with more apologizing ;-) and also my birthday so it could be fun to hang out in Victoria.

    I don't have the brain capacity to think about it much harder tonight (been a rough 2 weeks) but I'll try to figure out my own plans in the next few days and post them here.
  6. Sushi Boy

    Sushi Boy DAM CHUMmer

    Wish I could stay longer, but I'm stretching things out for the Philippines trip, so I probably need to keep this one to a week.
  7. Seaagg05

    Seaagg05 Vice President Staff Member

    I could probably use a day or so before for some warm ups in Victoria
    Ms KJenn Dives likes this.
  8. Sushi Boy

    Sushi Boy DAM CHUMmer

    I'm now booked on the flights shown in post #23 above. We can figure out when/where to meet up if other folks get there earlier.

    GWNDWN Tiger Shark

    I booked my airfare as well. Different flight out but same flight back.

    Departing 7:50 am Houston, TX, US (IAH - Intercontinental) Arriving 2:15 pm Victoria, BC, CA (YYJ)
    Departing 1:35 pm Victoria, BC, CA (YYJ) Arriving 12:05 am Houston, TX, US (IAH - Intercontinental)
  10. DivingDoug

    DivingDoug President Staff Member

    My latest plan is I'll fly in to Victoria on the 22nd so I get the whole weekend in Victoria. I'd even be willing to go earlier if you wanted to do more diving (like the jet near Chemainus). I love the place, so any excuse to stay longer is good for me.

    I'll give it another month or two to see if we get more people and then we can figure out accommodation and car rental.
  11. Seaagg05

    Seaagg05 Vice President Staff Member

    I would like to do the jet, Saturday? When do we need to be at port hardy?
  12. DivingDoug

    DivingDoug President Staff Member

    Monday at 4:30pm. It's about a 6 hour drive so I'd prefer to leave early ~7am and get there with time to spare.
    As for the jet, I've contacted the local charter company to see what they can do :)
    Seaagg05 likes this.
  13. DivingDoug

    DivingDoug President Staff Member

    Well the first charter I contacted is all booked up 19th to 24th. I'll check to see if there are any other charters that go there, but another cool option is Race Rocks, which is a sea lion colony just a short hop from Victoria.
  14. Seaagg05

    Seaagg05 Vice President Staff Member

    That works too
  15. Sushi Boy

    Sushi Boy DAM CHUMmer

    Seaagg05 likes this.
  16. Heidi Ho

    Heidi Ho Grand Pooh Staff Member

    That is awesome....apparently, the octopus didn't get the memo that we're not supposed to touch anything :p
  17. Seaagg05

    Seaagg05 Vice President Staff Member

    I have book the following Westjet itenerary:

    IAH - YYJ: 6/22 6pm-11:19pm
    YJJ-IAH: 7/1 6:50am -5:16pm
    DivingDoug likes this.
  18. DivingDoug

    DivingDoug President Staff Member

    We're on the same flight out, but I'm taking the red-eye back on the Saturday:

    IAH - YYJ: 6/22 6pm-11:19pm
    YJJ-IAH: 6/30 11:30pm-10:30am(+1)

    Also, I'm booking a big pink airbnb for $150 a night (22-25) and a minivan for the week ($400). No obligation to join me, but I think it will make everything easier/cheaper.
  19. DivingDoug

    DivingDoug President Staff Member

    Richard -> I added your email to the reservation (in case you want to stay here too) and also send you an invite to airbnb (in case you don't, or you want to stay somewhere similar before you fly out).
    Seaagg05 likes this.
  20. GWNDWN

    GWNDWN Tiger Shark

    Doug.....I'm down with staying in there if there is room.

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