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General Training Goals

Discussion in 'Dive Training' started by Cold_H2O, Apr 20, 2010.

  1. Cold_H2O

    Cold_H2O New Member

    Inspired by Siren and her skill goal thread ~ I have to ask...

    Training goals!!!! What's on your list for 2010.

    I have been diving 11 years. Have accomplished a lot of my goals in that time but there are always more things to learn.

    My list for 2010

    1 ~ DM Cert ~ Started it years ago but never completed it. 2010 has got to be the year.
    2 ~ Advanced Nitrox and Deco ~ Have a few wrecks on my radar. Need the skills to dive them safely.
    3 ~ Dive my twins ~ Joined them right before moving to Texas (2 yrs ago) have yet to get them in the water.
    4 ~ Tech training ~ Need it.
    5 ~ Photography ~ Need to take more U/W pics. Improve my skills as an uw photographer.
  2. MichaelBaranowski

    MichaelBaranowski New Member

    mine is pretty easy

    1) finish full cave
  3. 24%

    24% Tiger Shark

    Dive Training Goals for 2010

    I've got a couple of training goals for this year that I'm interested in completing.

    1.) Cavern (no cave just cavern)
    2.) Fundies/Essentials :eek:
    3.) Trimix - how many years have I been saying I need to do Trimix?

    I doubt I get all those done so no need for two more.
  4. AquaCat

    AquaCat Team Zissou Master Frogman

    My main training goal for the year was Advanced Trimix, and I just checked that one off the list. So, my current goal is to spend less time in training and more time practicing and utilizing the skills I have learned.

    On the fun side, I purchased a new Inon strobe for my underwater camera a few months ago, and it is yet to get wet. I'd like to get proficient using it.
  5. 24%

    24% Tiger Shark

    I think that's great idea.
    Why don't you post the skills you would like to work on over here: My 2010 Dive Skill Goals
  6. ReefHound

    ReefHound Divemaster

    You could probably get some fantastic shots of the mud while breathing Trimix at Blue Lagoon this weekend!!! :D
  7. AquaCat

    AquaCat Team Zissou Master Frogman

    Pretty much walked right into that one, didn't I, Douglas? :D

  8. outback

    outback New Member

    Been muttering about cavern/cave for years now, so that's on my list (probably next year at this rate).
  9. kevdiver

    kevdiver New Member

    Nitrox and Rescue Diver this year...
  10. Hawkeye Mark

    Hawkeye Mark Iowa Hawkeye Fan

    Crossover to SSI Divecon

    I am considering this. Since I have a PADI DM card all ready it wouldnt be the full course.
  11. Siren

    Siren Tiger Shark

    Kevdiver, I'm gonna tag team your training aspirations:

    1. Rescue Diver
    2. Nitrox

    ...but probably not until the early fall.
  12. Captain HardHead

    Captain HardHead Save The Day

    I'm planning on Sidemount and Deep Tech.
    Don't know yet which deep course, just want to get started with decomp before I go full cave.
  13. Cold_H2O

    Cold_H2O New Member

    KevDiver & Siren ~ I applaude your Rescue Cert.
    I believe every diver should earn Rescue Diver Cert no matter if they plan on doing pro certs or stopping after Rescue.

    Tough cert but you will learn more about yourself and skills as a diver than any course I have taken.

  14. rigdiver

    rigdiver New Member

    My next goal for training is Expedition Trimix CCR. Don't see it happening this year though. Seems like the older I get more things like work just keep getting in the way.
  15. EasyDiver

    EasyDiver New Member

    Deco Procedures (adv nitrox). :happyeyepatch2:

    then I want to dive both the O and the clipper this year on doubles.:D

    and I suppose MSDT, but that will happen when it does not really a goal.:piratewithhat2:
  16. Cave Diver

    Cave Diver New Member

    I hope I can get these completed this year:

    IUCRR Diver
    NSS-CDS Cave Instructor
  17. rigdiver

    rigdiver New Member

    Please do, as I need a refresher.
  18. Cave Diver

    Cave Diver New Member

    I'm working on it over here in Florida as we post.
  19. Cave Diver

    Cave Diver New Member

    Well, I have accomplished one of these goals now, and looks like I will have to wait until next year to complete the other one, as the IUCRR Diver course is only offered once a year, during the month of January. :D
  20. rakpix

    rakpix Member

    by this time next year:

    1. NAUI Divemaster
    2. TDI Tech Divemaster

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