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Have been diving once, but need certification

Discussion in 'So You Want To Learn To Dive' started by MikeyC, May 28, 2008.

  1. MikeyC

    MikeyC Guest

    About 5 years ago I went scuba diving while down in the Bahamas and absolutely loved it. It is the one and only time I have ever been, and have always planned on pursuing it further, but never got around to it. Well, I recently quit my job and moved back to Houston, and with my free time would love to get certified. Found this website, full what seems like knowledgable and fun people and figured I would ask your opinions!

    I live downtown, but have no problem driving anywhere if worth it.

    Where should I take my classes to get certified? Also, where should I buy the gear I will need?

    I appreciate all and any help.
  2. ReefHound

    ReefHound CHUM President Staff Member

    You have a number of options for both training and gear but we try not to be commercial here so expect replies by private message. Another way is to talk to other divers about where they do their training and buy their gear.

    There are some good opportunities coming up for that. One is a Diver's Happy Hour on Tuesday June 10th and another is a free Sharkwater movie viewing on Saturday June 14th. See the Upcoming events thread for details and links to more info.
  3. MikeyC

    MikeyC Guest


    Thank you for the information. I can understand the not trying to be commercial part of the site. So, anyone with any good information, feel free to pm me. otherwise, I will hopefully see some of you and talk to you soon at upcoming events.
  4. AquaCat

    AquaCat Team Zissou Master Frogman

    Welcome to CHUM!

    I second the attempt to avoid the commercial aspect. However, there is a set of links HERE that has tons of local shops and dive sites listed.

    Our next monthly meeting is at the Stag's Head Pub on Thursday, June 19th. Come join us, if you have the time. I am sure you will find enough opinions there to overwhelm you.

    Good luck!
  5. Squid

    Squid Member

    I have had great success with training and gear with a local dive shop and I will send you a private message with the location.

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