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Magnolia CHUM goes to Florida

Discussion in 'Member Trip Reports' started by birddog, Oct 8, 2017.

  1. birddog

    birddog Tiger Shark

    Legobloxs and myself headed to Florida for a reunion of the Magnolia chapter of CHUM with EleanorZ and Drew. We spent a fun packed few days diving some of their favorite sports in the High Springs area. We tasted deco cookies had lunch at the Luraville store and a few Great dinners at The Great Outdoors. We dive in Orange Grove, Peacock Springs, Blue Grotto and Ichnetuknee Spring. We got to meet Virgil the turtle at Blue Grotto and it really was a highlight: she's a very sweet but in your face soft shelled turtle. They gave us some food for her in the shop but the fish were so intrusive we needed up literally hand feeding hr so the fish wouldn't steal it. We were the only four in the Grotto at the end of our dive so she just had to come and say hi. Of course the trip was much improved with the presence of Miss Marley who just loved on everyone she met. Like I've said before dogs make everything, even dive trips better. We even managed s e time to get measured for new dive suits and when it came to the names we wanted on them: well the only choice was Birddog!!!!
    I've included a video of our trip, can't wait to get back again!!

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