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Opinions on Scubapro Jetfins?

Discussion in 'Gear Gear Gear' started by tank29, Mar 11, 2019.

  1. tank29

    tank29 Member

    SilverBubbles likes this.
  2. ReefHound

    ReefHound CHUM President Staff Member

    I used to dive them for years. They are very popular among techies. Good thrust and well suited for back kicking. They are heavy and negatively buoyant though. These days I prefer a much lighter version full foot fin. Most of my diving now is warm water - 68 degrees and up. I was using Scubapro Jet Sport full foot fins for past several years. I just got some Scubapro Go fins that are still light and well suited for travel and has spring straps but I can still wear barefooted or with neoprene sock.
  3. watermonkee

    watermonkee CHUM Secretary Staff Member

    Welcome back after a long absence, tank29! Call me a wimp, but I don't see how those heavy fins benefit most recreational diving. The best and last fins I will own (until something even better is invented!) are ScubaPro Seawings. I have the open-heel and full-foot versions - I prefer the full-foot wherever I can with a neoprene sock - simple is better, IMO. The Seawing design is somewhat similar to the shorter, travel-friendly fin ReefHound mentioned. Of the many I've tried, nothing comes close.
    ReefHound likes this.
  4. SilverBubbles

    SilverBubbles Tiger Shark

    I absolutely love my Jetfins. They're negative but I have a case of slightly floaty feet, so they really work well for me. They're great in a current and best if you have really strong legs.
    ReefHound likes this.
  5. Siren

    Siren Tiger Shark

    Hi, Tank29! I have two pairs of ScubaPro JetFins, one for wet suit diving, and one for dry suit diving. I LOVE THEM!! They are rugged and durable. They may be a bit heavy compared to other fins, but they are very efficient in the water and require less effort to go further. I can see the point that ReefHound made about them being negatively buoyant, and like SilverBubbles, my feet are floaty, but with the JetFins, and my steel back plate and wing, I am balanced just fine.

    Another option to look into is the OMS Slipstreams. Very comparable to the JetFins, but a tad lighter. They are basically neutrally buoyant. Douglas' feet are heavy and in JetFins, they sink like a rock. He has two pair of OMS Slipstreams, one for wet one for dry, and they are basically the same mold and same fin as the JetFin, just made out of a more neutrally buoyant material.

    All four sets of our fins have spring straps. Would never want to dive a pair of fins without them.
    ReefHound likes this.

    GWNDWN Tiger Shark

    Jet fins are excellent fins. As mentioned they are heavy and I feel work better when drysuit diving (I am also leg heavy). I generally use my OMS Slipstreams or DiveRite XTs when diving wet or travelling. I can tell you all 3 are excellent for power, maneuverability, and durability.
    ReefHound likes this.
  7. Seaagg05

    Seaagg05 Vice President Staff Member

    I love mine with my dry suit. They just aren’t easy to travel with. Gotta be gentle with them otherwise I get instant leg cramping because they are so stiff.
  8. jgttrey

    jgttrey New Member

    Great fins but, as noted, pretty negative. Great for diving dry. Heavy for travel.

    Slipstreams have similar performance, not quite as strong but almost, and are not nearly as heavy. Downside of those is the foot pocket is shaped like a brick and works best with a big bootie.

    The best jet-like fin that is not so heavy, imho, is the Deep6 Eddy fin. Much better foot pocket that slipstream and only slightly negative.

    Any of these are much stiffer that most recreational fins, so lots of flutter kick will wear you out. But, if you like frog kicking, it's a killer fin.
    ReefHound likes this.

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