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Philippine Phantasy 2018

Discussion in 'CHUM Dive Trips and Events' started by ReefHound, Aug 7, 2017.

  1. Hawkeye Mark

    Hawkeye Mark Iowa Hawkeye Fan

    Yes they did. Supposedly the cost of the trip had to be charged to it. But I used FF miles and paid for the hotels and rent car. I guess they were good with that
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2017
  2. Sushi Boy

    Sushi Boy DAM CHUMmer

    Wasn't that a trip before the CHUM trip?

    Good to know though, thanks. Seriously considering getting that card and will have to compare the costs of paying for future CHUM trips with the United card via PayPal vs buying traditional trip insurance. That could be an option for getting trips insured.
  3. Hawkeye Mark

    Hawkeye Mark Iowa Hawkeye Fan

    Yes it was when we went to the Big Island in late August.
  4. McLOT

    McLOT Tiger Shark

    I booked my flights but should have booked them earlier since some of the options and deals have already gone. My drivers were to try and get business seats using airmiles, avoid the 50-minute tight connection on the return flight and maybe get a layover or time somewhere. Because I did not book this 3 or 4 weeks ago, I now have an extra stop on the outbound which is not ideal but it does break the journey.

    I fly out on Thursday evening 15th UA1844 to San Fran.
    Connect to EVA BR27 to Taipei and then connect to EVA BR271 to Manila arriving 11.45am on Saturday 17th (St Patricks Day in Manila :rolleyes:).
    This should let me recover a bit, have a day in Manila, and crash out & rehydrate. I'll meet everyone off the flight on Sunday morning.

    I am on the same return flight on Wed 28th at 6.45pm = EVA BR278 arriving at Taipei at 9.10pm.
    I then have 25 hrs layover in Taipei for some tourism before boarding EVA BR52 on Thursday 29th at 10pm arriving in Houston at 10.40pm. Back in time for Easter w/e (Friday is a public holiday) and recover before work on Monday.

    I booked this on airmiles with a small fee, plus insurance.
    (There were some other limited options on Star Alliance including via Japan but most were longer duration.)

    Let's go diving. :cool:

    watermonkee likes this.
  5. Heidi Ho

    Heidi Ho Grand Pooh Staff Member

    Well, I hate to do this but I'm dropping out :( For a variety of reasons, not the least of which is the diving profile, this is just something I can't do now.

    I know you'll have a great time and like I just messaged ReefHound, I just have to live vicariously through you guys!
  6. watermonkee

    watermonkee CHUM Secretary Staff Member

    Darn, I was really hoping it would work out for you. Get your fins wet on a slow progression back towards your normal recreational profile. Above all, stay healthy!
    Heidi Ho and Ms KJenn Dives like this.
  7. Heidi Ho

    Heidi Ho Grand Pooh Staff Member

    yes, that's the plan. And really, when I looked at diving 4 times a day for days on end, it just seemed too much.
  8. Hawkeye Mark

    Hawkeye Mark Iowa Hawkeye Fan

    Actually 4 dives a day are available. I have no intention of doing 4 dives. Since better half is coming who is a non diver I wont be doing 4. Personally I would be worn out and would need another vacation or sleep for a week if I tried to do 4.

    When we were in Little Cayman last year 3 a day were available. Except for a couple of single guys(well one was married but his wife wasnt there) no one(including the leader) did all the dives. Its a vacation not an endurance contest
    watermonkee likes this.
  9. Hawkeye Mark

    Hawkeye Mark Iowa Hawkeye Fan

    Are we supposed to pay the second third of the trip this month. I haven't seen a reminder
  10. Hawkeye Mark

    Hawkeye Mark Iowa Hawkeye Fan

    I just paypaled the second deposit
  11. watermonkee

    watermonkee CHUM Secretary Staff Member

    I hope things work out so that you can re-join the trip!
    Seaagg05 likes this.
  12. watermonkee

    watermonkee CHUM Secretary Staff Member

    You get the same privileges at number 13! I hope things work out so that you and Ms KJenn can re-join!
    Diver_T and Ms KJenn Dives like this.
  13. Sushi Boy

    Sushi Boy DAM CHUMmer

    Got my tickets booked, I'm on the following flights:

    Sat, 17 Mar 2018
    EVA Air BR 51
    Departure: 00:40 Houston
    Arrival: 06:10+1 day(s) Taipei
    Sun, 18 Mar
    EVA Air BR 271
    Departure: 09:10 Taipei
    Arrival: 11:45 Manila

    Wed, 28 Mar 2018
    EVA Air BR 278
    Departure: 18:45 Manila
    Arrival: 21:10 Taipei
    EVA Air BR 52
    Departure: 22:00 Taipei
    Arrival: 22:30 Houston

    I'll start crossing my fingers now for that return connection.

    FWIW, I couldn't find that itinerary on the United site today.

    Looking forward to the meeting on Thursday to hear about all of the cool stuff we're gonna see!
    Last edited: Nov 13, 2017
    Ms KJenn Dives and watermonkee like this.
  14. New Adventure

    New Adventure Member

    Hi, please put me down on the list (or wait-list) while I am figuring out the flights. Since I am planning to stay at Taipei for at least 3, 4 days, I am hoping to work out the same flights going there. Once worked-out the flights, I will pay the deposits & renew membership at the same time.

    Just fyi. I have a friend living in Thailand, she maybe interested in joining us there. Already forwarded her our thread!
  15. New Adventure

    New Adventure Member

    Hi, Todd, what happens if I can only book on flights that arrives 2 hours later, like 1:50pm on Manila, 3/18th? How about leaving on the 3/28 morning flight like 11AM? Does the hotel offer multiple van trips? How much will it cost? Is it safe if just by myself? Thank you.

    I am looking to stop-by Japan on the way there so the trip won't be as long and will have a few days to adjust the jet-leg. Coming back may stop-by Honolulu, if it does not add too much more cost.
  16. ReefHound

    ReefHound Divemaster

    Group transfers are included in the trip cost. Transfers at other times are readily available but at your cost. There are various options ranging from public bus to private shuttle. I'm looking into more specific info.
  17. ReefHound

    ReefHound Divemaster

    It would be appreciated if those who have not posted their air schedule in this thread sent me a message with that info.

    While you're at it, let me know if you've made arrangements for room mates.
  18. PegLeg

    PegLeg Tiger Shark

    Out bound flight is

    Flight EVA BR51/271
    - depart Houston 3/17 at 12:40am Saturday morning
    - plane change in Taipei
    - arrive Manila 3/18 at 11:40am Sunday morning
    - Total flight time is 22 actual hours.

    Inbound I'm working on since I decided to go to Cebu. Hope to have it nailed down by next week.
    I will be leaving Anilao on the 28th for Manila to catch a flight to Dumaguete.
    Post when I confirm.
  19. PegLeg

    PegLeg Tiger Shark

    I'm flying out of Manila on the 28th @ about 11am also. Going to Cebu. From what I've read on TripAdvisor we can hire a cab $100+ for up to 3 people or take public transportation for $5.
    We will probably have to take a taxi ride from the bus terminal to the airport. Travel time from the resort bus terminal- Anilao Manila - to airport probably three- four hours. Taxi 2 1/2-3 hours.
  20. PegLeg

    PegLeg Tiger Shark

    New plan, Todd.
    I'll take the van with youse guys to the airport then stay at a hotel nearby.
    It'll cheaper for me.

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