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The Blue Ocean? No, The Red Sea - June 2019

Discussion in 'CHUM Dive Trips and Events' started by Heidi Ho, Jul 25, 2018.

  1. Lakediver

    Lakediver Tiger Shark

    RE: money - do most places operate on cash only, or do they accept credit cards? Just wondering because I ran into this when I was in New York a few years ago.

    RE: clothes - are tank tops that don't show any cleavage ok? I wouldn't consider that to be nightclub clothes, but I also don't want an Egyptian husband.

    Also, just a reminder to notify your bank that you will be traveling internationally, so they don't flag your card(s) for fraud. If you use Chase, you can do it through the website. I'm sure most banks have similar options. Be sure to list every country that you will be stopping in, and for every card that you plan to use. I just mention this because it's one of those details I always almost forget about (I've never actually forgotten, but I almost have).

    It's also a good idea to call your cell provider to make sure your phone will work there. I think for some providers, it'll just work. But for others, you may need an international package or something. I've run into both things. Again, this is one of those small details I have a bad habit of almost overlooking, so I figured it was worth mentioning.

    RE: power adapters - I think I have an extra universal power adapter or two. So if you need to borrow one, let me know ahead of time so I can try to find them.
  2. Scubabuddy

    Scubabuddy Tiger Shark

    Holly - The adapters SHOULD work. Most electronic devices these days have the transformers built into them so that they can handle any electric circuit. That being said, if you are not sure then contact your device manufacture.

    Knife - worst case scenario they will take your knife from you and return it at the end of the trip. If you want a new knife we have these:


    The 2nd one operates in the "darker" shade of the grey area (one side is technically a knife) but is compact and stealth enough to where no one would notice. That being said, if they would confiscate yours they would probably confiscate the 2nd one as well.

    I apologize for the vagueness of some answers. Some of these laws have not been enforced since the 2010 revolution but due to a couple of shark attacks in the central Red Sea last year , they have been much more strict about the marine park rules (thankfully so) so all I can give you is the official answers.

    Jennifer - Tank tops are fine, I would bring a light shirt, hoodie, jacket that you can wear around your waist just in case of any issues. The issues are more social than legal but as with the men, you will considered a tourist so any minor cultural errors will not be frowned upon. We will be with you almost 24/7 so we can advise you if there is any potential problems. Definitely bring that cover for the tours when we do the religious sites. Finally WHAT'S WRONG WITH AN EGYPTIAN HUSBAND!!! Just kidding LOL!!

    Just to be clear, these dress "codes" are only for Cairo. Hurghada and the boat is just like being home as far as dress code is concerned.
    Lakediver and ReefHound like this.
  3. Scubabuddy

    Scubabuddy Tiger Shark

    Jennifer, I forgot to address the money question. Cash is King in Egypt. When we are in Khan Khalili Market any place that accepts credit cards (with the exception of gold shops) is the expensive tourist places. The cheap local places only take cash (as of last year). Same goes for restaurants and convenience stores (what we call in Egypt a Supermarket). The exception to that rule is if you end up at a Hypermarket, which is more of a proper supermarket located in a downtown city center. They are pretty huge, just not by Texas standards.

    Since we are talking about gold shops: Gold jewelry is insanely cheap in Egypt. They literally sell the jewelry by weight because Egyptians still keep a majority of their savings in gold & silver. That means most of the time the jewelry is sold at either just above or even at the same price as the raw metal. The gold is literally 24k.

    Interesting fact, most countries now have restrictions on how much raw gold any one person can possess but no country (that I know of) has any limits on the amount of gold jewelry one person can possess.
  4. watermonkee

    watermonkee CHUM Secretary Staff Member

    Thanks, Scubabuddy, good info. I'm still obsessing over the color of my urine to make sure it looks like ginger ale...o_O
    Scubabuddy likes this.
  5. Heidi Ho

    Heidi Ho CHUM Fan

    Thanks...I have a line cutter as well so I'll just bring both. I'm ok if they take the knife as long as I get it back. And yeah, I'll figure out what my devices can handle.

    I have an iPod and was thinking of bringing a Bluetooth speaker so we could have music on the boat - would that be ok or is it overkill? I'm bringing the iPod anyway....
  6. Seaagg05

    Seaagg05 Vice President Staff Member

    What’s an iPod?
    SilverBubbles and Lakediver like this.
  7. Heidi Ho

    Heidi Ho CHUM Fan

    What's stream?

    Trust me, you don't want to know what I was using before I bought it...
    Last edited: May 16, 2019 at 3:42 PM
  8. Seaagg05

    Seaagg05 Vice President Staff Member

    Did it look like this?
    Scubabuddy, Lakediver and Sushi Boy like this.
  9. Scubabuddy

    Scubabuddy Tiger Shark

    I'll bring a couple of speakers so we can rock out! I'll even bring my Zune!!
    SilverBubbles and Lakediver like this.
  10. Heidi Ho

    Heidi Ho CHUM Fan

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