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**Upcoming Events**

Discussion in 'Main Forum' started by outback, Mar 7, 2005.

  1. outback

    outback New Member

    CHUM's upcoming events. Keep checking back - this post gets updated when new events are planned. For previous year events, see Completed Events for 2015 and 2016 in this thread AND Historical Calendar of Events. Missed a meeting: See the Monthly Meeting Wrap up.

    *-*-*Our Monthly Meetings are held the 3rd Thursday of every month (except December) at Jake's Sports Bar, 2944 Chimney Rock*-*-*

    *-*-*Local diving almost every weekend. See the Dive Buddy Board. *-*-*

    Other random trips, local diving & social stuff pops up from time to time. Keep an eye on the calendar & forums......



    1/7 - CHUM's New Year's Dive @ 288 Lake

    1/19 – Carolyn LaFleur, Senior Research Associate, Environmentally Friendly Drilling Systems Program - will speak on a proposed project involving CHUM 'Citizen Scientists'

    1/20 - Outgoing Officers' Happy Hour

    1/28 - TGCC Banquet


    2/16 – Shark Diving (Ryan & Jay)

    2/18 - Dive at Blue Lagoon

    2/22 Trivia Night and Steak Night at Porch Swing Pub


    3/3 - Bats! Bats! Bats! It's Bat Frenzy time at Waugh Bridge.

    3/11 - CHUM Dives Spring Lake (Dive Authorization Course & Volunteer Diving)

    3/16 – Heidi Whitehead, operations coordinator for the nonprofit Texas Marine Mammal Stranding Network.

    3/31-4/2: CHUM Claims the Comal

    4/7: Footloose, The Musical

    3/31-4/2: CHUM Claims the Comal

    4/20 – Javani M. Folmsbee - artist and scuba diver

    4/22 - Behind the Scenes @ the Houston Zoo Aquarium


    5/18 – Beata Larman - Philippines: Above and Below

    5/21 - Cirque du Soleil - Kurios


    6/3-6/4 - CHUM Flower Gardens dive trip (depart evening of June 2nd).

    6/10 – Marine Biology boat tour on Galveston Bay.

    6/15 – Alex Garbino, MD - Dive Medicine - What divers should know.


    7/20 – Ron Coley, The Aquarena Center’s former director

    7/21-7/23 - CHUM Dives the Clipper - Julie: Seaagg05

    7/27 - CHUM goes Bowling


    8/17 – Chris Ledford, TPWD Artificial Reef Program - The Kraken & Other Texas Artificial Reefs

    8/27 - Roller Derby


    9/21 – Jordan Frisby - Port of Houston
    9/23 - 10/1 - CHUM Hawaii Dive Trip


    9/23-10/1 - CHUM Hawaii Dive Trip

    10/7 - BAD Flea Market

    10/19 – Monthly Meeting, TBA


    11/16 – Monthly Meeting, TBA


    12/7: Annual Holiday Party.
    Free to Tiger Sharks.
    Additional details to be announced Fall 2017.

    Missed a meeting - Here are the Monthly Meeting Wrap Ups
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  2. Sushi Boy

    Sushi Boy DAM CHUMmer

    This thread is a dynamic one (we update the information in the main posting on a regular basis). You can add this url to your favorites/bookmarks to get quick access to see what's going on:


    Don't forget to check out the other forums, as well, though. Most happenings in the dive buddy board don't make it onto this page.
  3. Sushi Boy

    Sushi Boy DAM CHUMmer

    completed events


    1/2 - CHUM dives into the New Year. It's a tradition! Details are in this thread.

    1/21 - Monthly meeting. Speakers: Jesse Cancelmo & Frank Wassom. Also, officer elections.

    1/ - TGCC Awards Luncheon - come join us as we celebrate with the Houston dive community. We'll also recognize our Diver of the Year. Details are here


    2/ - Outgoing Officers' Happy Hour, details are here

    2/ - Off Season Dive Opportunity at Blue Lagoon

    2/18 - Monthly meeting: Kent Prochazka, National Weather Service, NOAA - Marine Weather Forecasting


    3/5 - Spring Lake Dive Authorization Course & Diving

    3/12 - NOAA Ocean Discovery Day: Sea Turtle Facility Visit & Galveston Brewing

    3/17 - Monthly meeting. Mike Concannon, Houston Zoo's Aquarium Supervisor - Coral Restoration


    4/15-4/17 - CHUM Claims the Comal

    4/21 - Monthly meeting. Beata Lerman, Red Sea Diving.


    5/19 - Monthly meeting. Charley Oxley, Dive Pirates.


    6/3-6/5 - Flower Gardens Trip.

    6/16 - Monthly meeting. Edward Godwin, Houston Police Department Dive Team.

    6/22 - Sundown @ the Grove


    7/12-7/19 - CHUMmerFest '16 - Grand Cayman.

    7/21 - Monthly meeting. Ken Knezick, owner Island Dreams Travel: “A Wealth of Tips to Improve your Underwater Photography”

    7/24 - Karbach Brewery


    8/18 - Monthly meeting, Joanie Steinhaus - Sea Turtles.org


    9/15 - Monthly meeting, Jennifer Idol - The 1st Woman to dive all 50 states.
    9/24 - Buffalo-Bayou Park Cistern at the Water Works @ 11-30


    10/20 - Monthly meeting, Kelly Drinnen, NOAA Flower Gardens National Marine Sanctuary.


    11/17 - Monthly meeting, Diane Wonio, Lafitte Society: "Maritime Superstitions"


    12/8 - Holiday party at St. Arnold's (no meeting in December)

    Missed a meeting - Here are the Monthly Meeting Wrap Ups



    1/1 - CHUM dives into the New Year. It's a tradition! Details are in this thread.

    1/15 - Monthly meeting, details tba. Also, officer elections.

    1/31 - TGCC Awards Luncheon - come join us as we celebrate with the Houston dive community. We'll also recognize our Diver of the Year. Details are here


    2/4 - Outgoing Officers' Happy Hour, details are here

    2/7 or 2/8 - Off Season Dive Opportunity at Blue Lagoon http://www.chumclub.org/forums/showt...Feb-7th-or-8th

    2/19 - Monthly meeting, details tba.

    2/28 - Return to Spring Lake. Dive Authorization Course at Aquarena Center. Details are here.


    3/19 - Monthly meeting, details tba.


    4/16 - Monthly meeting, details tba.

    4/18 - 4/25 or 26 - Panama, Jack. Join us for an expedition to the Pacific side of Panama. Details are here.


    5/21 - Monthly meeting. Speakers: Jason Brannon & Patrick Woolfe, Assistant Dive Safety Officer & Lead Diver, Downtown Aquarium.


    6/18 - Monthly meeting, details tba.


    7/16 - Monthly meeting, details tba.


    8/20 - Monthly meeting. Speaker: Ben Higgins, NOAA Fisheries Division, Director: Sea Turtle Facility.


    9/17 - Monthly meeting. Speakers: Simon & Tracy Donaldson - Diving in Greenland & Iceland


    10/15 - Monthly meeting. Speakers: Jake Emmert, Moody Gardens Dive Safety Officer and other Moody Garden Divers


    11/19 - Monthly meeting. Speaker: Travis Richards, Texas A&M Galveston shares experiences tagging and tracking open ocean animals


    (no meeting in December)

    Missed a meeting: All Monthly Meeting Wrap Ups

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