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Who has?

Discussion in 'CHUM Gives' started by Sushi Boy, Sep 16, 2008.

  1. Sushi Boy

    Sushi Boy DAM CHUMmer

    If you have an item that another CHUMmer may need to make it through these post-Ike days, or can offer some sort of assistance, please post and let us know.

    Feel free to thread jack other threads, but please try to keep this thread on topic and focused.
  2. dutch

    dutch Active Member

    I will be in Houston and Clear Lake area tomorrow, Wednesday, to check on my boat. Does someone need a camping stove or water containers with water? I will check this thread in the morning around 7.80 before I go.

    edit...Oh, and Ice?

    979 235 7543
    Last edited: Sep 17, 2008
  3. AVID

    AVID New Member

    I have done all I can on the yard until the tree service shows up (I'm on a waiting list). My work is closed until next Monday, so if anyone needs any help cleaning up after the storm, please give me a call or PM me. I may not be able to offer material items (ice, water, food as I am also scrounging) but I can donate my time to anyone who is still mask-deep in tree branches.
  4. justin-branam

    justin-branam Member

    I have some wood, dewalt power tools, water, ICE, power at my house, 2 extra rooms with beds, and no work for the next week at least. If any of you need some help removing debris, patching roofs, etc, just give me a call. If you need a place to stay or just want a warm shower or hot meal, give me a call.


    I will be picking up a new nail gun and ill be repairing some fences. If you need any "handyman" type help, let me know and i will offer my services for no charge to chum members.
  5. Sushi Boy

    Sushi Boy DAM CHUMmer

    If those without electricity need a place to do laundry, you're welcome to come to my apartment and do it there.

    I'll also be happy to do it for you, but can't offer any pressing or folding services. :D
  6. KytNut

    KytNut Member

    If anyone thinks they are going to be out of power for weeks and is looking for a generator Sams on Rice got a shipment in yesterday evening. 7000 W
  7. Hoover

    Hoover New Member

    I fared well here. Got some minor roof damage. The dive park docks took a beating as MB stated.

    My company is a first responder for Brazoria County. We have excavators, trucks, front end loaders, generators, chain saws, etc... even MREs. We will be very busy over the next few weeks.

    If anyone knows a city or a company that needs major demo/clean up drop me a line.

    We were in the middle of a project in NASA when Ike hit and they hijacked our equipment untill further notice for their internal use. They will not even allow our own people to operate them. (But they will pay for the privilege...)
  8. Peacholica

    Peacholica New Member

    For anyone that lives in Clear lake, Friendswood, and surround Southeast Houston area is more than welcome to come to my house and do laundry, take a shower, eat some food, drink beer, and watch movies.

    Send me a PM and let me know what time you will want to come over. This offer is for CHUM members who need help with this.
  9. Peacholica

    Peacholica New Member

    I need help putting my fence back up; it fell over but did not shatter. If anyone has some experience in fencing or a number to call, please get back to me ASAP on this. I have two dogs with MAJOR cabin fever ~!
  10. Smoochy

    Smoochy Member

    Now that I have power, those in need are welcome! We have power, water, ice, warm showers, and TONS of food... I was able to save all of the meat, but since it didn't stay frozen I am cooking it all. We also have 2 spare bedrooms. We live on the SW side now, so if anyone needs help down here, give a holler! Room and board in exchange for fence repair ;)
  11. mystery

    mystery New Member

    We have power in the Woods, Lending Reefhound our generator, but if anyone needs anything on this side of town, let me or Outback know. We do have an extra room with queen bd. A huge tree came down from across the street into our driveway and yard. Waiting to hear back from the County on the proper guidelines on how to remove it from our yard. The neighbors who tree came down have left. Ie no help and We certainly don't want Outback operating a chainsaw.........
  12. Chunky

    Chunky New Member

    If anyone has a generator not in use I could use one. Not scheduled to get power till after Monday the 22nd... Just something to power the fridge and get a vaccum running.

    If anyone has a chainsaw I can go cut up Outback's tree problem. I need the stress relief...

  13. AVID

    AVID New Member

    I have a chainsaw, but unfortunately my generator is still being used. I'm willing to come out and help clean up if someone wants to manhandle the chainsaw.
  14. Chunky

    Chunky New Member

    Yay! Fawn's company loaned us a generator. I have limited power and can at least watch a little TV and have cold beer in the fridge! Now if only the power would come on before all the house guests arrive on Thursday next week...

  15. Cold_H2O

    Cold_H2O New Member

    I am in The Woodlands/Shenandoah..
    I have power, water.. etc...
    Also have an extra bedroom with an air matteress in it..
    Anyone need a place to stay or a hot shower.. give me a shout..
    No internet YET.. but calling to check on it today.
    If you can't reach me.. Outback or Mystery can get me on the phone.

    I can let you do laundry at my place but like Sushi Boy.. I don't iron or fold..:p
  16. Captain Randy

    Captain Randy New Member


    We now have a generator to loan out if someone still needs one

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