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Discussion in 'New to CHUM' started by outback, Mar 3, 2005.

  1. SilverBubbles

    SilverBubbles Tiger Shark

    Hi everyone! I'm Andrea, I live way on the south side of town smack dab in the middle between Houston and Galveston but I don't mind driving, especially to dive sites.

    As a kid, I knew that more than anything else I wanted to work in marine biology. I expressed interest in diving ever since my cousin came back from Grand Cayman with amazing pictures when I was a really impressionable eight-year-old.

    I've been certified since 2001 and did a bunch of lake cleanups in Austin before taking an extended break for school at A&M. I got back into it in 2016 on a dive trip to Cuba and I haven't stopped since.

    It was so nice meeting everyone at the November meeting and I'm definitely looking forward to the party in December. I like having a dive per month goal so I'll be joining DAM in January :)
  2. JPipes

    JPipes Tiger Shark

    Thanks for the welcome Siren. I am trying to juggle my schedule to sneak away for the party, it's a good reason to make my way down there.

    Yep Andrea, I will be there on the 8th. Looks like it is going to be a busy day with our check out dives and the lake class going on at the same time. If only I could do both... Soon enough.
    Siren likes this.
  3. Heidi Ho

    Heidi Ho CHUM Fan

    Welcome to you both! One of these days, I'm going to do the Spring Lake thing....

    It was lovely to meet you at the party, SilverBubbles, and JPipes, hope to see you at an event soon.
  4. Siren

    Siren Tiger Shark

    **thread hijack**

    Heidi Ho Ho Ho - I didn't know you had an interest in doing the Spring Lake Course!! Oh my goodness, with as many new CHUM faces as we are getting recently, CHUM should TOTALLY set up another class for people. I'd LOVE to have you certified to dive Spring Lake!! Have you NEVER dove Spring Lake?!? HOLY CLARITY!!! So fun! And same temperature year round! A life changing course if you want to dive "locally" in Texas!!

    **please return to the regularly scheduled welcoming committee**
  5. Heidi Ho

    Heidi Ho CHUM Fan

    I've been threatening to do it for about a year now...it's on my radar for sure

    As Siren said,

    **please return to the regularly scheduled welcoming committee**
  6. jinibre

    jinibre Tiger Shark

    Hello! I am new to CHUM. I have been to two meetings and have found them all very interesting and informative.

    I live part time in Houston (Galleria area) and part time in Playa del Carmen. I look forward to meeting new diving buddies. I also love camping so will try to make one of the Blue Lagoon camping events if I'm stateside during any of the events.

    See you all at the holiday party!
    Sushi Boy and Seaagg05 like this.
  7. Heidi Ho

    Heidi Ho CHUM Fan

    Welcome! Glad you found us and yes, see you in just a couple weeks.
  8. Kgator88

    Kgator88 New Member

    Hi, I'm Kelly. I was a member of this group a very long time ago when I lived in Huntsville (with family I visited a lot in Houston). I'm not in the Houston area anymore, but decided to re-join this group because I'm much more active in diving than I was then and am always looking for buddies. I live in Austin now, so if anyone needs a buddy in Central Texas or there is an event is out this way, I'll definitely make an effort to join in! I volunteer at Spring Lake and dive often in Lake Travis (although it's too cold there for me at the moment).
  9. SilverBubbles

    SilverBubbles Tiger Shark

    Hi Kelly! I grew up in Austin and I'm always looking to do some Central Texas diving and looking for dive buddies. I just completed my Spring Lake class to volunteer there as well. If you need a buddy, lets get together!
  10. watermonkee

    watermonkee CHUM Secretary Staff Member

    Hi Kelly. You should come to our annual "CHUM Claims the Comal" get-together!

    Many of us also go to Spring Lake to meet our individual CHUM Dive-a-Month (DAM) challenge. We had a Club dive outing at Lake Travis last summer; I'm sure we'll do that again in the future.
  11. Kgator88

    Kgator88 New Member

    Cool! I'll put it on my calendar, thanks!
  12. Kgator88

    Kgator88 New Member

    I'm going to be at Spring Lake the weekend of Feb. 16-17 to do Open Water checkouts. My class is from 8-11am, but I'd happily stay after to do a volunteer dive either day if anyone wants a buddy that weekend!
  13. Heidi Ho

    Heidi Ho CHUM Fan

    Welcome - we're glad you found us.
  14. Zach

    Zach New Member

    I'm Zach. I live in the Spring Texas area. I've been diving off and on over the years. I ran into a few of the CHUM members at the blue lagoon.
  15. JPipes

    JPipes Tiger Shark

    Welcome Zach, I am a fellow far North-sider. Its an interesting bunch here. Sounds like the lagoon was a good time last weekend, and just about warm enough for me to make an appearance the next time out.
  16. Heidi Ho

    Heidi Ho CHUM Fan

    Welcome Zach! Hope to meet you at another event soon - someone is always doing something :)

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